She was using a paper day planner to organize her schedule, and was also flooded with automated emails, making it difficult to give attention to important messages. Using her Google account, we got her started with how to use Google Calendar. We also helped her to delete 21,000 emails in one day, and unsubscribe from numerous useless newsletters to decrease inbox clutter.


He was using an old Samsung PDA / Tablet, which predated today's modern iPads and Android tablets. Since it was hardly operating smoothly anymore, he purchased a new Android/Samsung tablet, but didn't know how to use it. We helped sync his new tablet with his email account, and downloaded numerous apps so he could access his favorite news and social media sites. We also introduced him to several streaming entertainment sites with free movie and TV content. He eventually added a smartphone as well, and we helped him sync that device with his email and accounts. Because he has difficulty with his eyesight, we helped make sure the keyboard and display of the devices were large and easier to use.


Due to some carrier mistakes in a phone upgrade process, he had three smartphones with different data split between them, and needed everything to work on his new, upgraded phone. A large number of contacts were still stuck on an old phone's internal storage, so we helped upload and sync those contacts to his cloud account, so that they were accessible on his new phone as well. We also helped with signing out and shutting down the old phones, and ensured that his data was transferred over to his new phone.


She had an old 2nd generation iPod with iOS 4 that still had 900+ songs on it, and needed to transfer the songs to a new iPod. Because the OS was outdated, it would not connect with iTunes in order to sync and transfer music. After six hours with Apple support, they offered no solution. We found a way to have all the music files copied to iTunes on her computer with another program, and then subsequently synced it to her new iPod. Now she has full access to all 1100+ songs, which definitely helps the workday go faster!